Genetic Engineering from a Christian Perspective

I wrote a paper dealing with the issue of Genetic Engineering from a Christian standpoint for a Bioethics course. I argue that genetic therapy is licit but genetic enhancement and eugenics are not.

Complete paper available here: Genetic Engineering from a Christian Perspective (2892)

Genesis & Modern Science

The Judeo-Christian perspective has often been said to be at odds with modern science. I look at the potential of a synthesis which includes some well-tested theories of science (evolution) in combination with a Scriptural viewpoint. This is a pretty concise explanation which, hopefully, I’ll expand someday.

Full paper available here.

Racial Bias in Intelligence Testing

From the origins of intelligence testing, there has been a strong racial bias favoring those in power (typically, white males). I looked at the historical and modern bias in intelligence and aptitude testing and examined some possible causes and solutions.

Full paper available here.

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